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About my work

I’ve been painting most of my life. It’s as fundamental a part of who I am as my neurodivergence (I’m autistic) or my eye colour (grey with a hint of green, if you’re wondering). But it was during the first Covid lockdown with three months time on my hands that my artistic career really kicked back to life. More recently I’ve seriously gotten back into relief printing too. 

My paintings are abstract, more intuitive than intentional. I experience autistic alexithymia so my paintings are less an expression of my emotions than a means by which to process them. They’re the artistic (and autistic?) equivalent of showing my workings out when giving the answer to a maths problem.

My linocut prints are semi-abstract. They’re heavily influenced by the physical things to which I have strong responses, describing the things themselves rather than the responses to them, although there is a little of the latter in there as well I think.

The things that I’m fascinated by or have an affinity with are old black and white recon photos, standing stones, modern abandoned buildings and industrial ruins, unwrapped hay bales (the round ones in particular), and old (I mean neolithic old) pottery vessels. 

All these artefacts feel like an ineffable connection to something that goes way way back in time. Something I can discern but that I have only a fingertip grasp on the understanding of. Anyway, while I’m trying to work out whether that feeling is something truly profound or just vibes, I’ll keep on with the printmaking and painting. 

Current + upcoming exhibitions

The Turner House Open Exhibition ‘Trails’
14 Sept – 15 Oct 2023
The Turner House, 12 Plymouth Road, Penarth CF64 3DH

Art Life Society Open Call
26 Sept – 25 Oct 2023
Llanover Hall Art Centre, Romilly Road, Cardiff CF5 1FH

Wales Contemporary
21 Oct – 20 Dec 2023
Waterfront Gallery, Old Sail Loft, Discovery Quay, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire SA73 3AF

Workshop address

Market House, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1QE