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Original monotype paintings and limited edition fine art prints

Original monotype paintings

Limited edition fine art prints

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Original paintings and art prints by Katharine Richards

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About my work

In my paintings I’m trying to describe the thoughts and feelings in my head. Painting imposes some kind of order on my interior maelstrom, pulling my thoughts together and making them still, so I can better understand them.

My synesthesia influences my painting – it’s fundamental to it. I have the grapheme-colour, spatial sequence, and number form types of synesthesia. And just as numbers and words have a specific place in my mind’s eye, so does every mark that I make on the paper.

But one of the wonderful things about abstract art is that what it represents to me might be different to what you take from it. What others take from my art is as of as much interest to me as what my own intent and expression was.

Since I’ve been posting about my work on social media I’ve found it fascinating what other people see in my paintings, both on a purely visual level but also on an emotional level.

Connection or disconnection? I painted frayed nerve endings; you see a mountain in a lightning storm. Who’s to say we’re not both right?

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