Have something to frame?

Bespoke picture framing.
Unique, creative, high quality frames.

Have a bespoke picture frame designed to suit your artwork, your taste and your creativity… a frame you won’t have to choose from a narrow range of samples.

Katharine Richards Framing

Bespoke picture framing in Cardiff

Have you been searching for a truly bespoke picture framer

– someone who’s interested in the creative process and can make you a unique and bespoke picture frame?

Are you looking for something unusual

such as a distinctive finish or a frame for an unusual item?

Have you got a picture in your attic or garage

that you’ve been meaning to get framed for ages?

Are you worried you’ll end up with a frame that looks as if it came from a high street shop

– something that looks cheap and doesn’t reflect your taste or complement the artwork?

Do you have no idea what sort of frame you want…

and perhaps you’re put off by the prospect of having to decide on colour, style and finish?

Have you been disappointed in the past by picture framers who didn’t listen to what you wanted,

didn’t seem to have any passion for their work – and didn’t really seem to care about you or your artwork?

I’m here to help.

What my clients say…

“Katharine took the time to talk through what we wanted. She really knew how to bring the best out of the art with a great frame that completely complements the picture.”

Laura Dalgleish, London

“Katharine is so knowledgeable and had some great suggestions for frames that would compliment my art work. I am so happy with the results, the frames are beautiful and my art work was well cared for. I would highly recommend.”

Aimee Taylor, artist

“Katharine is a real pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional framer who will treat the framing with as much care and attention as was taken over the artwork.”

Jude Law, print maker at The Printhaus

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